The Myers Library will be open from 1:00-5:00 P.M. on Saturday, December 7th, to accommodate students taking finals at the residential college.

We’re excited to announce that Myers Library Online will be moving to a new space on Monday, October 21st. The library site will now be part of the Blackboard Community system. While we’ll also maintain our presence in the MyOttawa portal for some time, we think this move to Blackboard will provide an excellent option for users and ultimately improve their library experience on the whole.

Did you know that you can now use Google Scholar to search and access your library’s e-resources? See this video to discover how to set up the search engine to work with the Myers Library.

Wired + Learning?

Would you like to know more about the many resources our library has to offer? In this session you’ll receive an overview of what’s available online, where to find it, and how these resources can benefit both instructors and students. This session includes a demonstration of navigating the Myers Library portal page, finding and searching databases, and much more. Follow this link to register:

No doubt you’ve had many questions in the past, about all things Copyright: like for example, if it was ok or not to copy your class textbook instead of buying it from the bookstore…or if you’d actually be busted by Disney if you pirated a juicy clip from one of their videos to show to your classmates as part of your presentation. 

Well, as of today we have an OU Copyright Resource Guide that is now linked to our Research Guides, so please take a look at it if you have any burning Copyright questions for which you need to have immediate answers. However, if you do not find the answer to the question that you have immediately, our librarians are still available to research the question you have and point you in the direction of a viable answer.

The OU Copyright Resource Guide covers important topics such as Fair Use, Open Access, the Teach Act and linking resources to courses in Blackboard; and also provides information about a range of other topics that might be useful or that might serve as starting points from which to do further research, for example, Trademarks and patent sites, Orphan Works, the Digital Millennium Act and CONTU which explains how Interlibrary Loan practices work when it comes to Copyright. There is also a Copyright FAQ page that provides answers to several questions that have been fielded by our librarians about Copyright topics via email over the past two years. 

If there is an area that is not covered in the OU Copyright Guide or links that want me to add, please do contact me with your suggestions at

Starting in the fall, we’re offering an information literacy course, LAS 13525: Research Techniques and Technology, to all students at the college. This course teaches the concepts and skills involved with locating, evaluating and using information from a variety of print and electronic sources in an effective and ethical manner.

Celebrate National Poetry Month by entering your poems in OU’s Poetry Competition. See our portal page for more details.