With the new library building being constructed on the Main Campus here in Ottawa,  I have been giving so thought to a library of the future and what it will look like. I was really intrigued when I looked for pictures showing what the library of the future was supposed to look like; and it was fun to see all the ultra-modern bookshelves with actual books in them; and then there was an interesting cartoon that suggests the library of the future will contain multidimensional books, nano-books, holograms and even holo-books, and book pills (meaning that all you would have to do to read a book is swallow a pill and experience a story in some hologram format or other. The most interesting suggestion made about the library of the future, is that all human librarians will be replaced by Nano-librarians and Robot Librarians, so alas…the job I really love to do the most, will go away…and be given to machines„,so…so sad!!!!

Who knows, maybe the Ottawa University Library of the future will actually look like this…?

See the article accompanying this picture to find out what American children think the library of the future would look like:


Look forward to hearing what you think!!

Wood snow goggles and ivory spacers from OU’s Kilbuck Alaskan Collection.

Wood snow goggles and ivory spacers from OU’s Kilbuck Alaskan Collection.

The British Library just released over 1,000 digitized artifacts from writers such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde.

View from the library on a fine spring day.

Access to information just got harder…

Literary classics reimagined through comic strips.